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Dropbox worked great for me for quite a while. Then my Keypass password.kdb file got corrupted. This file contained all the passwords to my personal / freelance and office projects. Impossible to retrieve the data. Major PITA. So now I just use it for funny pictures and music but I don't trust it with really important things anymore.

I'm pretty sure dropbox does file versioning, so you should be able to revert to an earlier (uncorrupted) version of your file. Tell me if that works for you, b/c I use dropbox+truecrypt for hosting my super important docs...

Can't seem to find a mention of file versioning anywhere. When I login into Dropbox I find the file via search, clicking on it just downloads it.

When I try to open the file it says The following error occured while opening the database: Hash test failed. The key is wrong or the file is damaged.

I'm not the first one with this problem: http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=26321#post-163634 and http://superuser.com/questions/187885/keepass-lost-password-...

To get a previous version of a file, login to Dropbox.com, browse to the file you'd like to get a previous version of, then hover over the file and click the blue arrow on the far right that'll appear beside the file change date. This menu lets you, among other things, restore old versions of the file. Select the "Previous Versions" button to see all of the versions of the file from the past 30 days on any free or paid account, or if you have the packrat upgrade enabled, then you can see unlimited previous versions. Hope that helps!

Looks like the directions are here: http://www.dropbox.com/help/11

It does seem like it only keeps 30 days worth of versioning though...

It keeps 30 days for free accounts. That's unlimited for Pro IIRC (although you have to manage according to free space)

Edit: apparently policy changed at some point and versioning does not count in your quota. Also, Pro accounts need the Pack-Rat extra to enable unlimited versioning.

I wish I found out about this within 30 days of my file getting corrupted. Strangely enough I posted my issue on the Dropbox forums and a Dropbox admin didn't mention this, he just said it's a problem on Keepass' end.

I use dropbox on multiple computers. one of the computers is running jungledisk to backup whole dropbox content. The problem is both services work on top of amazon cloud but I will eventually resolve this issue too.

Jungledisk lets you choose where you want your data hosted. You can choose Rackspace over Amazon IIRC.

Versioning is only done on files that have changed, and a key file wouldn't change very often.

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