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Maybe I should send an unsolicited job application to Dropbox for a (sexy) data scientist position. 25 million users is pretty crazy.

go for it :) jobs+hn@dropbox.com

Do you even need UI designers especially that there is basically just no UI/Interaction?

have you ever seen the web interface?

Yes, but I honestly believe it suffers neglect and a lot can be done to improve it. I have never seen a posting for a UI Designer hence wondering.

Also the major USP is that Dropbox behaves just like a folder on the OS and not a seperate entity.

I was just pointing out that there definitely is a UX piece and plenty of room for designer contributions.

Not to mention the installers and the rarely-used menus and preference windows. Just because you don't see them very often doesn't mean they wouldn't benefit from thoughtful design.

If you have the chops, you probably should. I'm pretty sure that until recently they had a position listed for a data analyst type.

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