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Sometimes there are advantages to centralized DNS. Wouldn't this make taking down botnets' c&c servers that much harder?

I suppose there could be a blacklist that gets periodically downloaded by the OS. But then you're back where you started - who maintains the blacklist?

Decentralized DNS is fantastic for botnets that use Domain Name Generation (DGA). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_generation_algorithm

You can easily control the domains, schedule their use, and not worry about takedowns.

But are handshake domains free? Who pays the ETH blockchain fees?

Handshake is not Eth based it runs on its own blockchain. There are still fees but they are quite small. Less than a penny per update currently.

Maybe don't think it as a DSN, but rather how the Root Files are hosted. Currently there are national security issues with the way how Root Files are hosted. It is ONLY fair since the Internet is for the world that the Root Files are decentralised in that fashion as well.

Although I'm not entirely sold on BlockChain, there are other more energy saving gossip based Byzantine fault tolerant protocol to consider for use. However, everyone is just prototyping in this space. So for one I'm big supporter for the Root Files to be stored in this fashion, even if it is on a blockchain.

If you can't live without blacklists, then maintain them yourself. No protocol will do it for you, if DNS or IRC gets inconvenient, then botnets move to reddit or twitter (some already did).

Similar question: based on Zooko's triangle, decentralization will reduce the security of DNS. How secure are blockchain based naming systems like Handshake, ENS, Unstoppable, Blockstack, etc?

In fact, the idea of handshake seems to take care of exactly that. Decentralization without loss of security. Basically, you have the name and the certificate associated in the chain itself and go the dane route. I'm not the best person to explain these, but I guess there is a little about this on handshake.org

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