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Handhake is one of those service that is not over hyped. Check out their sponsors: https://handshake.org/grant-sponsors/

Also a decentralised DNS is exactly what we need.


That list of Open Source "Internet Good Guys" is a list of groups that Handshake decided to sponsor, not groups that endorse or have anything to do with Handshake.

The actual sponsors of Handshake include the dogpile of VCs and financiers that you'd expect would gamble on a blockchain project, confusingly (deliberately?) listed below the definitely-not-sponsors list.

Look, it's great that they want to support the open source community that they and everyone else relies on, but it looks to me like they're trying to trick careless readers into thinking that these well regarded open source / community organizations support the Handshake project. Even with the big disclaimer, that list is the biggest part of the page. It almost seems like they're trying to look good by association, when there isn't even any association... they just wrote a check using VC funds.

To me, this sends a strong negative signal. If anything, it makes them seem more overhyped, not less.

Eh, I think you just read it wrong. This doesn't seem confusing nor deliberate. Right above the list of the sponsored open source projects, it says in bold:

""" The inclusion of the pledge recipients on this page does not constitute or imply any endorsement of Handshake on the part of recipients but simply reflects gratitude for the grant recipients' contributions to FOSS.

Some of the Current Pledge Recipients (Net 10.2MM USD + coin grants to some recipients) """

It has said this at least since August[0].

[0]: https://web.archive.org/web/20200817152057/https://handshake...

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