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Perhaps I'm being a bit short sighted but as someone who is a .NET and Windows programmer I don't really understand the impetus to do this. The majority programmers in the Windows ecosystem who would choose to use Node under Windows instead of *nix are typically going to fall under the same group as those who haven't a clue what Node is yet and probably wouldn't bother moving outside the .NET ecosystem for web development.

The people and organizations which choose to use Windows for web tend to make a choice to embrace the entire Microsoft ecosystem and those who don't are generally be happy to use the tools that make sense for Node.

I agree with what you say, but I know a ton of users that run PHP on windows.

I think there are a class of developers who prefer to development on Windows but deploy on *nix.

stack overflow uses .net and windows development but uses linux servers and unix tools for a lot of the backend stuff. maybe it's a new trend.


Right, but this is my point, unless there is a compelling reason for the technology of Windows to run Node.js over nix, most competent Windows dev teams will choose a hybrid environment and use nix to run Node.

So perhaps I am being short sighted and there is a compelling technical reason to run Node.js on Windows, but if it's just having a market of devs who don't want to develop on *nix then I don't see it.

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