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Hopefully, Konrad Zuse will regain his seminal role in current computers (i.e. Stored-program computer). Von Neumann and Turing don't deserve it.

I think all of them are important but clearly Konrad Zuse has received way less attention than he deserves. Growing up I remember being taught that ENIAC was the first computer and didn’t even hear about the Z1 to Z4.

But reading up on the details I find that utterly unfair. ENIAC e as way too far away from a programmable machine. It was computation units which just got wired together in different fashion. That is very removed from what a computer is today. The Z1 and later is far closer to what we think of as a computer IMHO, with actual programs being fed into it decoded using registers and and ALU etc.

Well, and the Nazi's were flying actual fighter jet planes, and the US did not prosecute some because they helped to get into space / to the moon.

This year I discovered Knickebein : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Beams

A form of GPS if you allow me. A precursor to ILS.

edit : what I wanted to say, it is not limited to Zuse.

I vas taught zat the Z3 vas ze first (vorking) computer. Very ott.

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