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Clear text. Simple, coherent typesetting with underlined headings. Once so common: now, rarity of rarities. You can see the connection with the layout of man pages through groff...

It may not be obvious to HN'ers who grew up this century, but while some of the images (such as the illustration of film holes for the opcodes, K1.§4) and underlining was done on the typewriter, many of the graphics and special symbols (e.g. K1 hero image, or I/O, K2.§6) would then be added by hand in a second pass, à la MathJax.

Am I reading K4.§1 correctly that intermediate values were kept to about 80 bits?

I am fond of the hack of K3.§5.4. We unroll loops, they rolled them.

Especially important: K5.§1: bugs and workarounds!

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