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The wobbling shadow of the M87* black hole (news.mit.edu)
40 points by stmw 34 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

The resolution of that image is difficult to believe. 40 micro arcseconds is like imaging a hydrogen atom from a meter away.

I wonder why it was easier to build an image of this black hole at 16.4 million parsecs (53 million light-years) from Earth and not the one from the center of our galaxy which is at 26,000 light-years.

Saggitarius A* at the center of our galaxy is at the center of our galaxy, obscured by a soup of stars. This distant black hole on the other hand is positioned so that it's activity is visible to us.

TL;DR is Earth getting sucked into a black hole or not?

No. A black hole could orbit us at the distance of the moon and so long as its mass was similar to that of the moon, it would have no greater effect on our lives than the moon does.

Gravitationally anyway.

I'd like a Randall Munroe what if on this.

Ask and you shall receive:


Nice. He answered most of my questions except one. How big does some object need to be to cause harm to Earth as it gets consumed by the black hole moon? Also, I guess we also need to talk about spin and how the accretion disk and quasar radiation beam are oriented to say if it's pointed at Earth or not.

...and what are the possible timeframes/timelines of this event?

tomorrow at 3:47 local

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