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Ask HN: How does your company onboard new employees?
3 points by matlin 33 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
With remote-first work being the new norm, I curious how teams are setting up their new employees. Specifically, how do you get that new team member up and running with the software they need to work and getting them familiar with the team?

Our IT department loads up a laptop and ships it to them, based on specs ordered by the hiring manager. IT sets up a call first thing on their first morning to talk them through initial login, setup, VPN, and anything else that is needed. Then they are handed off to their manager, all of whom have their own ways to get them onboarded to the team, but it tends to be about the same as in-office -- introduce them on a call, show them the documentation to get the products building, hand out a few bugs, and start attending standups.

we have a good solution for this - http://sintegrum.com (landing in Russian only but the product is multilingual, including English)

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