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Inter-Connect multiple apps on your desktop to increase your productivity
2 points by cruxcode 33 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
Please watch this video for a demo of our product and intro to our product. https://youtu.be/7LrVCEPvG8U

Email us at contact@quaffles.com

About Us

We create software bots which increases employee efficiency, reduces errors thereby making them more productive in their job. Our product caters to the needs of people who are: involved in data collection and data entry activities; those who work on multiple applications at the same time to carry out a single task.

Our product connects different apps together, hence: as you type data in one application, it will be reflected in all other applications in real time when you paste data in one application, it will be pasted in all other applications too when you click a button in one app, actions will be triggered on other apps too

Our bot will work alongside you in the background without impacting your experience. The deployment is easy as the bot gets deployed on your desktop and doesn’t need any connection to your backend or database.

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