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Ask HN: Facebook now requires an account to view business pages?
4 points by Guest19023892 37 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I don't recall ever seeing this before, but I went to check the Facebook page for a local business to see if they're now open (previously closed due to COVID) and I was blocked by a Facebook login page. I checked a few other pages I remember looking up in the past, such as a restaurant where I wanted to see their menu, and a barbershop where I wanted to view their price list on Facebook, and those pages are all blocked as well when not logged in.

Is everyone else experiencing the same issue? It seems like a large amount of essential content (store hours, menus, prices, contact details), is now unavailable without a Facebook account. It's concerning since more and more businesses have been moving exclusively to Facebook or leaving their websites outdated while they post daily updates to Facebook. It's similar to the Instagram change in recent months where users are required to log in when scrolling too far down the page, blocking access to image galleries for many businesses.

None of this is too surprising but it's still unsettling to see so much information suddenly walled off.

yep, i have noticed it yesterday. i say fucke em, fuck entire facebook and companies that have only fb pages.... but if you have a direct link to a post, it will show up.

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