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Ask HN: How did you find your lawyer?
5 points by barbanegra 38 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
Was it a friend's recommendation? A good yelp review? Their website? What made you choose?

Lawyer here. Your best bet is a friend's recommendation, backed up with at least there not being anything negative about them in terms of reviews online. Not every one of us pushes for positive reviews from clients, though, and for the most part you have to to get one, so don't make not having any reviews a dealbreaker. Also make sure they haven't been sanctioned, you can search your state's disciplinary records -- its all public.

If its for an issue that is niche, you should see if they have published in the area in question. Gives you a decent indication of their standing in that field.

Call your states bar association for a referral. Probably no one will want to help you unless it is criminal defense, in which case you have no choice except pay what they want. In civil stuff no one will help you unless it is open and shut payout for six figures. Probably better and cheaper to just get a law degree if you frequently need a lawyer.

Do you mean for your start up?

Or do you mean any type of lawyer, because you are looking for business ideas?

What kind of lawyer ?

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