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A year ago, We picked up, tracked, and analyzed 130k pieces of litter in SF
32 points by EminIsrafil 36 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
A year later, that worked helped get a trash can on nearly every intersection of SoMa West.

Link to my post from Sept 18th, 2019. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21008760

Link to medium about the Big Belly's that got installed and how we maintain them. https://medium.com/rubbish-love/rubbish-launches-touch-less-cleanup-platform-in-soma-west-d7d7af6c60df


> I don't think talking about how much trash you pick is any interest of us

That's rather presumptuous, it is of interest to me.

And considering the previous post from last year received 100+ upvotes and 100+ comments, I think it's safe to say that it's of interest to others as well.

Did you create an account just to make this comment?


> Every submission and comment must teach everyone something, expand views, ideas and contribute to society in some way. I don't think you telling how much trash you're picking is contributing to society.

I don't know about that. Last year the OP and friends worked to pick up and document trash and now, a year later, that information has been used to make informed decisions about how to keep our streets - and society - cleaner.

I'd argue that OP has quite definitively _contributed to society_.

If he'd just posted "I picked up some trash" - I could understand your comments, but he's done the work, gathered data, written about it, etc. So w/r/t to _teaching something_, I know more now than I did before reading his post.

Quite frankly, I could attempt to compare your contributions to society (aside from the snarky, dismissive comments on HN) but you've opted to hide behind a new, anonymous account. If you believe a submission is off-topic, just flag it, creating a new throwaway account just to disparage it seems a bit extreme.

And please understand, I don't say this to disparage you or insult your incredible intellect - just in the hope that perhaps I can _expand your views_ on how OP's submission is of interest to members of this community.

You're replying to an obvious troll account. Don't engage with them, just flag their comments until a mod notices and bans them.

I was thinking the same.

Thanks for speaking up - you're a chill dude

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