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A pretty decent part of the CoffeeScript MO is to start implementing things proposed for future versions of JavaScript ... but that we won't be able to use cross-browser for years and years. For example:

* Destructuring Assignment.

* Splats (Variadic Arguments).

* Lexical "this".

* Array and Object comprehensions.

* Classes (As sugar for prototype wrangling).

* String interpolation.

... to name the bigger ones. Many of these can be found in draft form on the ECMAScript Harmony wiki: http://wiki.ecmascript.org/doku.php?id=strawman:strawman

This reminds me of Scala X expecting Java 7 discussion. I like the fact that we, as more agile communities (Scala's and Coffeescript's), decided that we should not wait for committees, and we should control the languages we want to use it. And we won't wait 2/3 years. We are doing it now.

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