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The Almanack of Naval Ravikant (navalmanack.com)
16 points by swyx 34 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Perhaps I’m alone here, but I find the common obsession with Naval creepy and misplaced. From his content that I’ve read, he primarily spouts platitudes of dubious substance.

The book is free (or paid - your choice) on his site, or you can buy a physical copy at Amazon.

I would love to see an autographed copy as an option, as he's giving all the money to charity.

Finally, if you haven't read Naval, you should - the value per word from him is astronomical.

what would you recommend?

Both. Download the pdf and buy the paper version on Amazon.

The latter would be a better option at a higher price if it were autographed. I think he could sellout of them at $50 or more if autographed.

This book

Happiness gurus are the original antidepressants. They reframe the identity of the client effortlessly causing dependence on the easy upkeep of that new identity. But all sweet sounding mental models for learning indifference eventually lose their ability to convince. Human's will always have legitimate unique concerns worth actively suffering through to solve rather than blanketing over.

"I got lucky"

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