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Show HN: Building the next-generation learning experience
2 points by IvanVLiu 33 days ago | hide | past | favorite
If you reflect a bit on how you learn, you will probably find that in order to acquire a skill or some level of expertise on a subject, you take 5 steps that make up your learning behaviour.

1. You find the learning materials for the subject.

2. You input these materials into your brain through reading and listening.

3. You process the new information through memorising and associating in order to construct a new thinking model.

4. You practise by solving problems that are designed for learning, or by having basic conversations in the case of learning languages.

5. You apply the new skill you just acquired and start creating values for the world with it.

What Astrasum does is that we are hacking learning. We want to accelerate your learning by helping you become better and better at each one of these steps with our technology and growing community.

We are still working to integrate AI and VR into our features, but they are already pretty cool.

Try it out and if you find it helpful or fun, please share it with your friends as well!


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