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Multi-player 3D FSP on Emacs (hatena.ne.jp)
30 points by morrita on Apr 15, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

The more things that are demo'd in Emacs, the less I want to use it. I've never used it except for a few times on accident, and yet as the years go by in my mind it continues to seem more and more bloated.

(prepares emacs-user resistant bomb shelter)

This is not bloat, it's flexibility.

Emacs does not come with a lot of features built in, it comes with lots of loadable modules. If you don't need them then don't load them. The notion that Emacs is bloated has not really stood since around 1985.

The power to write a first person maze (which just blew my mind since it appears to be written as a character based hack, rather than an embedded widget) is the same power that allows you to write powerful libraries for modifying text.

It's still a great text editor, you don't have to install all the other bits and pieces.

Emacs is a Lisp interpreter. Expect even more interesting things to be built as performance is improved. I believe there is an effort under way to get Guile to process Elisp. Emacs could become the foundation for a lot more apps.


it is inspiring, ascii art of 3d game is valid, maybe we can convert some good old 3d games into ascii?

Don't forget TTYQuake:


(best quote: "If you have to ask why, you're not a member of the intended audience. Please go on about your business and accept my apologies for this distraction.")

and text mode UT configs by Icculus (or: switching the SDL renderer backend to aalib):


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