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Show HN: I made a website to help manage tasks with service providers (swair.app)
21 points by phranger 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Looks nice, but when you say manage tasks with service providers I think of something like - managing something with AWS or some other cloud service - as in an integration for major business services (probably because on HN), but your examples are more down to earth, mow my lawn type thing.

If you actually are thinking of the first type of stuff, then should probably provide some more in depth examples, if it is actually for your examples on the landing page fair enough (like I said, being on HN I felt uncertain)


Thanks for the feedback. I was trying to distil the problem down to simpler scenarios but can see now where you are coming from.

I'll be working on putting together more detailed examples. Thanks again!

Interesting concept, task/project management optimized for outside collaboration - but it's not really clear to me in what way this is different from any other project management tool where I've invited the people I'm collaborating with.

thanks for the feedback. I was previously using sites like airtasker to handle dealings with service providers and subcontractors but was also having more in-depth exchanges with them about the work via email. So I tried to build a site that can handle task management but can also facilitate payments once tasks are done which is not something I have seen widely used.

I've also added the ability for service providers to put their offerings on the site like a listings page for people to review and accept.

This is great! One vertical you should consider exploring is accountants/tax preparers working with their clients, they would love this!

You may need to talk more about your security if you want to pursue opportunities with them

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely something I need to expand on.

Additionally consider picking a few verticals and going deep with providing examples for it.

It will help people wrap their head around how powerful your software can be for their use case!

I have no comments on the product, but that landing page is slick. Congrats!

Cheers mate!


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