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I'd love to share, thanks!

My background is as an application developer (RoR, React, Python) and fell in love with machine learning. I wanted to use ML at the startups I worked at but with everything involved it would become a bigger project than anticipated and fall out of priority.

The aim with Deepserve.ai is to make shorten the cycle enough that you could train and deploy a prototype model in a day and a production ready model in a week (if you had the data ready).

I am actually still part time and bootstrapped — I spend a few hours a day hacking on the platform and am starting to market to ML practitioners and sales into enterprise. It's definitely a lot of context switching — from React to CLI writing to AWS devops to marketing.

My aim is to be profitable out of the gate by having pricing with sufficient margin over my underlying compute cost. I'll definitely be more expensive than doing it yourself — but the point is that you don't have to do it.

If you launch your startup, definitely reach out, I'd love to add AI to your product! And if you want any advice on your startup, I'd love to connect, this is my third startup and I've had a couple of successful exits so might have some ideas!

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