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ojr 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite

The URL points to the middle tweet, the one before and after are needed for context I think:

1/ When I spoke to Katie Jacobs who is on the board of Vivendi we decided to create a “Y combinator” for the music industry so artist have the power and transparency to to be in control of our future ... no more shady contracts ... no more life long deals

2/ The Y Combinator started companies like Dropbox and Airbnb. For the first time, it cleaned up contracts and made venture capital transparent. It empowered start ups with the tools to succeed and grow their businesses. It changed the Silicon Valley game.

3/ Contracts in all industries need to be simplified now. Complicated contracts are how businesses, music companies and sports take advantage of talent We will expose these contracts and make them transparent now support new talent, startups and amend all old contracts


You can place more bets, elevate more creators, and ride the wave of resentment against the incumbents.

It's becoming cheaper and easier than ever to become a creative, an influencer, a talent. Discovery isn't as expensive as it once was. People can self-onboard their own career.

Ultimately, I see a model closer to Patreon being a better fit, but this is a good first step. Patreon lacks the incubator and mentorship bits that help cultivate and grow talent.

When people can follow whatever they're interested in, get good, and make a comfortable income, we will have arrived.

I so want to build that.

> I want all the smoke pleeeeeeeease


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