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OP here.

We’re now open for beta! I want to onboard companies slowly as it’s critical our infrastructure is robust. Out of the gate I am supporting Fast.ai and working hard to support PyTorch and Tensorflow.

If you don’t have the skillset right now to build your own models — reach out on https://www.deepserve.ai/consultancy or email me. I can build models for you and host them Deepserve. I’ll be transparent that I want to make money on hosting, and would love to take your use case and turn it into a case study.

As an example — I have a client on the platform right now using a text classifier that auto-tags and auto-categorizes their support emails. These emails then get routed and sorted automatically, with the most urgent cases alerting them via slack.

This has been a side project for over a year, and am finally ready for launch. Feedback is welcome and I’d love to connect with anyone who aligns with the mission of bringing machine learning to the world.

You can reach me at jeff @ deepserve.ai

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