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fortran77 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite

I don't agree with all of the conclusions of this article, especially on the second order effects, but it does help address some data that I think is vital to the discussion of "who will be effected by a rent freeze" it turns out that this action is going to benefit the mega-corp property owners that will wait for the small investors, that account for almost half of all landlords in the US, to go bankrupt after they don't have the cash or access to lines of credit to weather losing the income from a property for several months.

I know we like to picture the fat cat landlord with the suit and the looking to nickle and dime people but in my experience the majority of the house owning landlords are often people in a more advanced stage of life looking to create a stable retirement for themselves, especially in the face of the inflationary measures that seem to be rapidly deprecating the purchasing power of life savings.

This is a very long article that primarily cites the libertarian Cato Institute. As a reminder, the Cato Institute has received over $30 million from the Koch Brothers, oil company billionaires who have lobbied long and hard against government regulation.

I go to HN because of the high quality of curated articles. Not sure how this one--which comes from a source that seems to rails against any market regulation--made it onto the front page.

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