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Apple announces Apple One subscription bundle for Music, TV Plus, and more (theverge.com)
93 points by CharlesW 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 132 comments

The "Premier" offering is extremely compelling to me. I already spend $10/month for iCloud 2TB and $15/month for Apple Music family. For $5/month more I can get TV+, Arcade, News+, and Fitness+. That's a pretty great value for people who are invested in the Apple ecosystem.

I wouldn't want to be Peleton, Mirror, or one of those similar companies after hearing about Fitness+. Is it worth the extra $1000+ up front and $30+ monthly for the Peleton and Mirror trainers to mention your name?

If not Apple, it would have been someone else to come for Peleton's lunch. We bought a rowing machine this summer, and it comes with a "free" year of the iFit service. Pretty much the same as Peleton's offering: live workouts, a library of pre-recorded workouts, both indoor and outdoor. It additionally has workouts that don't involve the rowing machine. For $300-400/year for a family membership that includes 5 people, I might have renewed when the free year is up, depending on how much use we got out of it.

But not now. Apple's offering is going to have to really suck to not offer a good value at $79/year. Known names like Peleton might come out okay (as in survive, not flourish), but less-known companies are sure going to hurt.

I've not read in detail yet and am wondering how Apple's service works with rowing machines. I have one and have long wanted some sort of gamification (literally, a flying/driving/etc. game) that is tied to how fast I row.

If you remind yourself to hit the email address in my profile after Fitness+ is released, I’ll let you know.

I purchased an Echelon cycling bike and was about to get the Peleton digital service for $13/month.. but Fitness+ for $10 might take that over now.

Peleton's new bike is $2500. I'm surprised they're still going strong. The pandemic may have helped them a lot.

Honestly, if you're paying $1,000/month for something you're probably just not in the market for something that costs $30/month. I think Peloton will be fine.

It's $1000 up front for the bike, not $1000 a month.

Where are you guys getting these numbers? The bike is closer to $2000 and the monthly fee if you're using their tread or bike is $40 whereas the standalone app is $13.

it's ~$2000, or $2500 for the new "plus" bike.

I was a skeptic but peloton is a super compelling product, esp in the quarantine.

Peloton is not $1,000 a month.

I was hoping for a bump to the 2 TB iCloud storage limit, our family is close to passing it...

The idea of iCloud Photo Library having all your photos ever is great, with kids and 4K video on all the new phones, 2 TB is just not enough

The same goes for the One plan for individuals. One will bump into the 50GB iCloud storage limit pretty soon, when using iCloud Photo Library.

From what I saw in the Reddit thread, I believe you can buy more storage as an add-on, on top of the One plan itself.

edit - not sure if you can buy more storage on top of the 2TB plan though.

> edit - not sure if you can buy more storage on top of the 2TB plan though.

Don't think you can, no. At least, I've not seen any option for doing that yet.

I see it as graveyard for all my videos. It takes 3 minutes to download 30 second video as it's capped at something like 32 mbps. No streaming. macOs app crashes just about every time I use it and lacks tons of features from iOS. Probably worst decision I've ever made. Google Photos works 10x better.

If that is the worse decision you have ever made, you have lived a great life

I guess you have a bad route to Apple, I just downloaded a 4K video and it went at 170 Mbps

For a while I would get news links in the side menu of my iphone that, when clicked, would tell me I couldn't read it without Apple News+. I wasn't sure how that differed from the oft-hated candy crush ads in windows. Idk if this is still a thing.

That aside, this looks like a decent offering. I wonder how profitable it actually is. Apple TV and Arcade have, by my understanding, not done great. I don't have a sense for Apple Music personally but I don't know anyone locally who uses it over Spotify.

I've tried to switch to Apple Music a few times because the integration would be nice (and I think Spotify's attack on the federated podcast ecosystem is harmful and something I don't want to support).

I haven't been able to make the switch for a couple of reasons:

- Spotify Discovery weekly playlists are a differentiator and nothing on Apple Music comes close.

- Apple's UI was terrible, maybe this has gotten better - but it was really bad. Spotify isn't great here either and often changes things for no reason. I'm not sure why it's so hard to just be able to add songs to a library and then make playlists? Spotify's current UI has this now, but didn't have it for a long time.

- There are apps that allow you to sync your Spotify lists to apple music to make it easier to migrate over, but there would often be stuff missing.

- iTunes was bad, but since that's gone now it might no longer be a problem.

It's funny how people can have such different experiences. I'm currently trialing a switch from Apple Music to Spotify, and the Spotify UI is completely baffling. I cannot understand how they make it impossible to, just, browse the music in my library. I just want to add songs to my library, then browse my library by artist. This is, as far as I can tell, impossible with Spotify.

But then again, music discovery is something I am absolutely not interested in for my music player. Different strokes for different folks.

I thought I didn't care about music discovery either, but for me that turned out to just be because all the discovery I'd seen previously was bad. Spotify Discovery weekly playlists are really good and getting a new one each week is a really good model.

I generally agree with you on the UI, Spotify's is also bad. You can add songs to 'liked songs' which is functionally the library (used to be called library, before that was 'starred songs') and then sort by artist that way.

I have no idea what they're doing over there though changing that stuff every couple of months. They have no idea how their UI should work, no design consistency - it's generally bad.

Is the Apple stuff pretty good now?

Apple still has the radio station functionality (AI generated playlists on demand, from a seed song you pick) and they also have curated playlists that change on a routine basis as well. I far prefer Apples interface, and they are slowly fixing the major issues with the Music app - it's not nearly as awful as when it first launched and still way better than Spotify's UI for all reasons already outlined.

The seed song approach isn't very good.

I think the way Spotify discovery works is looking at songs you have favorited and compares other human created playlists from users that have your favorite songs, then taking songs from those playlists you haven't heard and putting them in a list for you. I think they also do some modeling after that, but it's secondary.

This works really well since there's a human selection element they're taking advantage of and playlists tend to collect stuff that people who have the same taste will probably like.

Radios based on seed songs I've found to be pretty unimpressive, similarly curated playlists that don't know about your tastes are also uninteresting.

It's the combination that works.

The weekly distribution is also good because you get time to explore new stuff each week (rather than just being overwhelmed) and you can further improve things by liking/disliking new stuff.

Good to know the Apple UI improved though.

The radio playlists also take into account your ratings; I've found them to be quite effective.

Also looking again at my Music app there is a Favorites Mix that isn't a radio station but appears to be what you seem to be describing with Spotify Discovery. I'd be shocked if both services didn't have similar functionality at this point.

EDIT: Actually there is a whole "Made for You" section apparently I never paid attention to before that is full of different automatically generated discovery type playlists. Neat!

EDIT2: There are even more sections I hadn't noticed - yearly recaps, what my friends are listening too (that one is scary; I have some friends with odd tastes apparently) and more.

I think I need to spend less time in youtube and dedicate a bit more back to music. Lots of good stuff I need to catch up on.

Thanks! - Maybe it's time for me to try a migration again.

But songs must be individually liked in order to show up in “liked songs.” If you press the heart icon on an album, that album will only show up under Your Library > Albums. There is, as far as I can tell, absolutely no interface to see all songs that you have added to your library.

Same experience for me moving from Google Play Music to Spotify. Their UI is missing incredibly basic features, and isn't even consistent across platforms.

- Want to clear everything in your queue and listen to something else? You need to select each queued song and remove it manually.

- Adding a song to the queue, OK. Adding a playlist to the queue, impossible.

- Want to change your profile name? You can't do that on the website, just on the mobile app.

- Want to edit the description of a playlist? You can't do that on either the mobile app or the website. I was only able to do this in a Linux desktop app

And those are just the ones off the top of my head.

The queue stuff is mind-bogglingly broken. Sometimes, if I have old stuff in my queue, whenever I instruct Spotify to start playing a new album or playlist, it will play only the first new song, then will skip to the old queue. This doesn’t seem to happen consistently, but it’s incredibly annoying while driving.

I have this problem too.

Things keeping me away from Apple Music:

1) I like being able to use my Amazon Echo and my Roku to run my Spotify.

2) I can't use Soundiiz (or similar) to sync Artists & Albums from Spotify to Apple.

Right now I'm paying for Youtube Premium, Spotify, and 2TB iCloud. The fact that I don't particularly care about the cost is kind of keeping me on those three platforms..

Every week I get multiple playlists of music from Apple Music.

The closest analogue is "New Music List," but there's also "Friends Mix," "Chill Mix," "Get Up! Mix", and "Favorites Mix." One can reasonably prefer one or the other but it seems odd to say that nothing comes close.

> I wonder how profitable it actually is.

Apple doesn't need for these services to be very profitable. So long as they break even, investing in these platforms invests people in Apple's eco-system and hardware. While Music has an Android client and TV+ has some support outside Apple TV, many of the services require Apple hardware.

> Apple TV and Arcade have, by my understanding, not done great.

It's really hard to tell how good Apple TV+ is doing. Creating a streaming service/ network out of thin air is ridiculously difficult even for a big company like Apple. While I wouldn't pay $10/ month for Apple TV+, having it as part of a bigger bundle makes it a solid add-on.

I haven't tried Arcade because I don't game much, but having it as an add-on to a bundle means I have a source for casual games which are add-free.

I kind of suspect both Apple Arcade and Apply TV+ were launched last year to gain a little momentum for launching the bundles this year. The fact that TV+ was free for a lot of people over the past year until now supports that idea. As I said above, I wouldn't have paid for TV+, but I do enjoy some of the programming on it. (Ted Lasso is pretty damned good)

Another thing to bring up is that even the Apple apps on other platforms still help increase Apple's mindshare. Which in turn may influence some people to go Apple on their next hardware purchase

A lot of people who were all-in to the itunes/ipod ecosystem took the upgrade path to Music instead of switching to spotify, including my family. I don't believe Music is substantially better or worse than Spotify. That means it is best-in-class.

I felt the same way. I'm not a very demanding music consumer, my ripped collection was already in iTunes, and it was just the path of least resistance and seems "fine."

I got a free Apple TV subscription for an iPad purchase, and I looked through it on my iPad.

I could only find a handful of things to watch, in total. I was shocked it was released with such a small amount of content.

They're not making thousands of shows. They're just focusing on quality content.

I've enjoyed everything I've watched on them.

Foundation alone (due next year) is worth the cost.

I would say the same thing about Ted Lasso

Almost every successful streaming service has been launched by companies with big archives of content. Netflix was lucky that they landed some sweetheart content deals before the studios and networks realized the value of online content. As far as I can tell, Apple TV+ is the only network to launch with a clean slate this way.

I don't know if Google can compete with them on this. I subscribe to Google One (excellent live customer service), YouTube Premium, YouTube TV. All services I think are good values. With apple coming out with this I am left shaking my head.

* Used to subscribe to google play music, but grew confused by where they were headed and moved over to amazon music. Never tried stadia after the slow rollouts of games after it went live.

I am also a Google One subscriber. (I think I got grandfathered in to some tier where I get 2TB storage for real cheap.) Google One would be a lot more compelling if it included Stadia, YouTube Red(?), Youtube TV, Youtube Music, Google Play Pass, Fitbit Premium, Nest Aware, etc. As is, Google One would more accurately be named "Google None", because it includes none of the things you would expect.

It is worth it just for the amount of Youtube I watch. May be other people are OK with the ads, but I am not. I bought the youtube premium subscription 4-5 years ago (even before it was a bundle) and am not disappointed.

I still have other subscriptions too (spotify, hbo, etc). I dont see them as competing with each other.

Barely anyone is OK with the ads, people just use uBlock in their browser and YouTube Vanced on their android phones. Or suffer, if they're not tech-inclined.

I use uBlock on my laptop. At some point 90% of my youtube watching moved to TV. Yes I could have built a pi-hole or something.

But for $10/month (which it was back then) I was totally fine paying for it.

Don't bother with pihole, too much work and setup. Get nextdns and update your home routers DNS to point to there's and voilà a pihole in the cloud!

Is there a reason to use spotify instead of youtube music?

I ask myself this a lot as someone who pays for both Spotify and Youtube Premium (which includes Youtube Music).

Youtube music has all of the music ever posted on youtube which is nice because it means you can generally find almost anything there (even obscure stuff not on Spotify). Unfortunately this can also make it harder to find what you are looking for, youtube music is full of low quality user submitted covers/remixes of songs that I don't want to hear but sometimes it plays anyways. Sometimes youtube music will have versions of songs that were really meant to accompany a music video and not the standalone song itself which is annoying to say the least.

The app is also far less capable as a standalone music app. Never has any lyrics, this weird concept of switching between video and audio, hard to view all fo the work of a particular artist/group on one page, no continuity between mobile and desktop a la Spotify. The hand curated playlists are also updated less than the ones on Spotify. Interestingly the machine generated recommendations from Spotify have also always been much better than that of Youtube Music, which is strange given how good Youtubes video recommendation algorithm has gotten in recent years.

On top of all of this I have been using Spotify since 2013; I have a massive amount of music in my library there that I have no way of porting over to Youtube Music.

The last time I checked Youtube music was terrible and didnt handle playlists well. I was on Google play (bundled with youtube premium) for the longest time and then when they stopped support for Google music in favor of youtube music, I wanted to give spotify a try.

Now that you mentioned it I looked at youtube music again and it looks much better. I might want to try it out and cancel spotify (although I dont know if my wife would come away from spotify).

>YouTube TV. All services I think are good values.

It really depends how much non-streaming TV you watch. I dropped cable TV (and landline) a while back. They didn't have zero value but certainly not $120/month value. I'd like to get live TV every now and then, e.g. for the odd sports game. But all the services, including YouTube TV, are pretty expensive for occasional use. Less than from the cable company but way more than any other content service I subscribe to.

YouTube TV used to be $35/month but they kept adding content that I don’t want and cranking the price up. Now it’s $65/month.

I find Sling to be the best value now. YouTube TV turned into cable.

One of the reasons Sling is cheaper though is that it doesn't carry local channels and I can't get anything over the air because of where I live.

I agree with your general point. The streaming bundles are pretty much the same as cable TV bundles. So you either subscribe to a la carte very selectively or do without. I'd probably pay $30/month for a full cable bundle but not $65.

I can see the local channels being a deal breaker if you otherwise can’t get them. They have a solution for most people, through AirTV, which I quite like. I have the “AirTV Anywhere” and it’s pretty nifty.

If you have YouTube Premium you have YouTube Music. It’s interesting, not why I subscribed to Red/Premium, but it didn’t cause me to cancel Spotify.

I had no idea.


Is this the replacement for google play music?

Basically. When I first signed up for Red/Premium it was actually as part of a Google Play Music All-Access whatchamajigger, no particular reason other than I got access to more stuff for the same price, and I was able to create a family plan before YouTube had them.

I’m still not sure why Google couldn’t just focus their energy on one music service which seemed to be doing fine, but as far I was concerned it was a nice extra that at one point had a couple of albums I was having difficulty tracking down anywhere else. Maybe it’s a smaller scale version of their messenger ADHD. That said, their messaging was terrible, excuse me, is terrible.

Google Play Music + Ad-free YouTube + YouTube Music with what is it? Six family members including the main account for $15/month was a pretty amazing deal. I launched YT Music a couple nights ago to play some music you can really only find on YouTube a couple nights ago and it prompted me to import the small amount of Google Play Music I had before they totally kill the service (or maybe they already have?).

> (or maybe they already have?).

See [0]:

> YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music by December 2020.

0: https://blog.youtube/news-and-events/youtube-music-will-repl...

> I don't know if Google can compete with them on this. I subscribe to Google One (excellent live customer service), YouTube Premium

Oh come on. There’s nothing unique on Apple Music. Apple TV+ is a joke with absolutely zero content worth staying for. So effectively that’s $15 for a me-too music-service and nothing else of interest.

Google has YouTube music ... and ad-free YouTube where tons of new content is published every single day, from a global pool of creative, independent creators. For $12, that is, for less.

In this particular case, why on earth would I prefer Apple’s offering over Google’s?

>Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage (50GB) for $14.95 a month

>The Family plan includes the same apps, but with 200GB of iCloud storage. It’s $19.95 a month

Seems like a deal worth looking into considering I'm paying $10 a month for Spotify alone. Not sure how the Apple TV lineup compares to Netflix though, but the iCloud storage is a pretty nice add-on as well.

Apple TV+ doesn't have even a fraction of the shows available on Netflix. Most of their original content is, imo, quite good but there's not nearly enough of it yet

Unless they start adding a fair amount of quality content, some of which is must watch, on a more regular basis, I really can’t see continuing my 1 year trial at this point in time. There’s just nowhere near enough content to justify the cost, especially when I already have subs to Netflix, Amazon and Disney. Against each of those services, their offering is truly paltry for a similar price. Especially when you factor in everything you get with Amazon as well (free ebook a month, unlimited photo storage and of course free next day delivery).

All the really good stuff is behind ANOTHER subscription like Mubi

Apple TV doesn't really have the kind of catalog that netflix does, but a lot of their unique shows are excellent. The Morning Show and For All Mankind in particular were fantastic.

Also, the Apple TV(+) UI is super confusing. I don't use my AppleTV+ sub

Spotify's big advantage is Spotify Connect. Apple Music and Deezer (better interface) work as streaming devices, while Spotify is basically a server + controller.

IMO Spotify is also way better for discovering new music to listen to. Apple Music's recommendations are bland and uninspired in comparison.

Spotify also does way better on social features (like sharable summaries at the end of the year of what you've listened to, integration with other apps, etc). Of course that's something that a lot of people don't necessarily care about.

I moved from Spotify to Apple music because Spotify had janky network issues under certain conditions, and network issues would sometimes hang the UI. Now that I'm spending a lot more time at home, im considering making the move back to Spotify, since Apple Music has its own share of irritating bugs

Apple Music has something similar to Spotify Connect, but it's non-obvious and requires specific hardware (either the TV box or the Homepod) to be accessed in a specific way, where the box acts as a server, accepts tracks in a queue from anyone on the local wifi network, and can push out audio to multiple players also on the local network.

Doesn't work for me. I have an appletv, but it's basically airplay.

It does.

I get Apple Music and like it fine. And I pay for some iCloud storage. So, even if I don't watch Apple TV Plus or play Arcade much, we're only talking a few dollars over and above what I'm already paying.

(Which I'm sure is part of Apple's pricing logic. People will pay us $3 or so per month for services that they'd unlikely subscribe to anyway plus we get them that much deeper into our ecosystem.)

Yeah I'm in the same boat. Strongly prefer Apple Music over Spotify and am already paying for iCloud. I'm on a $99/year annual subscription for Apple Music though, so this would come out to around $5 more a month for me ($8.25/mo for music and $0.99/mo for iCloud vs. $14.95 for Apple One). Not sure if they'll provide something similar for this once it launches.

It's crazy how stingy Apple is with iCloud storage though. 50 GB for a paid upgrade? Apple hasn't sold an iPhone with that little storage in years.

You're right. I was thinking I was paying for 50GB but I'm at 200GB just for backups and photos mostly. So, yeah, it's more like $5/month more but still will at least try out.

Apple has very little original content, but few are really good. "For All Mankind" is top notch SciFi. "See" is interesting. "The Mornign Show" was surprisingly good although I'm not typical audience.

The harder Apple tries to kill Spotify. The harder I will hold onto Spotify - signed up outside of the AppStore like everyone should.

I already spend £7 on 2TB iCloud, and £15 on Spotify family. So it would kinda make sense to swap. But I won't

Partly principle, but I also think they're really stingy with iCloud storage amounts. Only 200GB for the medium tier? And I have to spend £30 a month for 2TB?

I'm also a spotify subscriber, but considering switching to apple music.

To put it bluntly, which one would you bet on being accessible in 10 years? As much as I love what they do, I don't know if Spotify has proven that they're financially sustainable (for themselves, or for artists).

Comparatively, Apple has a handful cash cows, and can afford to lose money on the isolated vertical of "music".

Problem for me is I can't listen to Apple Music on my TV or on my work computer (Linux). And their radio/random play is orders of magnitude worse than Spotify's

The Apple Music app was a joke when I did their free trial a year or whenever it was ago. All those stupid bubbles to choose genres...

I try to stick with the products that are a company's life blood - music is hobby at best for apple.

Google have the best search because it's where all their money comes from. Apple make the best phones for the same reason. Netflix have the best content (and by far the best tech) And Spotify have the best music app (except where apple have made it impossible for them. eg watch)

apple music can be streamed from their online platform without an issue on those platforms right now[0].

[0]: https://music.apple.com/us/browse

Can anyone speak to how good the arcade is? My children play tons of different games on the ipad/iphone and most of them are junk, pay to win and still tons of ads. But im just not a sure about a subscription for games im not sure is going to keep their interest over time.

IMO it's shockingly good. Because there's no ads or IAP, the games optimize for fun or story, and not addictiveness. It has a large and varied catalog, but a high quality bar. I have never tried an Apple Arcade game and thought it was junk. Instead I've found some real gems: Assemble with Care, Card of Darkness, others

Did they end up adding anything that would be interesting for a "gamer"? I checked the launch lineup and they were mostly casual stuff.

Anything more complex now?

Yeah, it's casual, more for the Nintendo Switch crowd than Xbox. If you're into AAA games, then Apple Arcade doesn't have much to offer.

Oh it's worse. I'm an old PC gamer. Even the current AAA titles feel dumbed down :)

As sibling says, try it for a month and see. But I used it extensively when I was in the hospital earlier this year, and all of annoyances of mobile gaming (IAP, ads, and abstracted gambling) go away. There are some good games on there, too. Sasquatch is cute, Mini Motorways is mindless fun, and quite a few others (I'd have to look for specific names) that kept me entertained during the down time.

Highly recommend if your concern is ads and pay to win. It's like when Netflix first started streaming -- content is all over the place but at least there aren't any ads. Definitely enough gems in the collection.

I’ve had it pretty much since it launched. $5 a month is a pittance and there are quite a few excellent games on it (Grindstone is fantastic if you have any interest at all in color-matching puzzles), plus it’s hard to overstate the significance of the complete lack of ads and IAP. The fact that every single Arcade game works on our Apple TV is a real bonus because I can feel comfortable letting my son play games on it (especially since the vast majority are all-ages appropriate).

None of that garbage and pretty good quality. Why not try for a month or two?

I only keep it because of my kids. Gives me piece of mind on the games they are playing, since there is a lot of ad enabled trash everywhere. There are tons of good quality games included. I’ve thought about dropping it but I will definitely be doing the Apple One premier account or whatever that way we all get Apple Music, arcade and more iCloud space, Apple news + doesn’t hurt either.

Not something I'm going to pay for, but it's a nice add-on to what seems like a decent bundle over-all.

Arcade comes with 1 month free trial, so just give it a try and see if it works for you.

If one uses Apple's services, this will be a welcome relief from getting pinged six times a month with "We just charged your credit card for $APPLE_SERVICE_1...", "We just charged your credit card for $APPLE_SERVICE_2...", ad nauseum. Quit nickel-and-diming me and just charge me once.

Probably a good move. Some of these services by themselves are compelling but don't quite justify yet another $5 a month.

I recently myself cut out Apple Arcade. The games were obviously well beyond the norm in quality, but it was difficult to justify in a pandemic when I'm at home all day and not experiencing those commuting scenarios where short games slot in.

As part of a bundle tho, Arcade increases the value.

Those are exactly my thoughts on Arcade. Arcade served a purpose for me for a while, and it's a quality offering IMO, but I was just yesterday setting a reminder for me to cancel it. Even at a paltry $5/month we just don't use it enough. But in a bundle...

With all subscriptions in the App Store canceling them retains access until the end of your billing cycle. (Weekly subscription goes to the end of the week, monthly the end of the month, etc.)

No need to set a reminder. With free trials I'll cancel them as soon as I sign up to make sure I can't forget.

Yeah, but not with Apple TV+ or whatever it is. If you cancel the free trial it terminates immediately.

I did discover today that you can now change it to monthly automatic renewal instead of annual. But still pretty sleazy they don't let you schedule the trial to just expire without having to remember to cancel to avoid a charge at all.

Huh that's interesting, since with app subscription purchases, it's the opposite (you get to continue using the free trial until it expires, even if you cancel right after signing up.

No need to set a reminder.

There is if I don't want to do it right this second, yet stand a chance of forgetting before I get to $DEVICE_WITH_WHICH_TO_CANCEL. Or can I do it from a browser? Or from my Mac? Oh, screw it, I'll do it tomorrow. "Hey, Siri, remind me tomorrow..."

Interesting to see they have cheaper pricing in India - $5/month for a family subscription - https://www.apple.com/in/apple-one/

Usually, the hardware usually costs 30-40% more in India than the advertised price in the US.

Some regions have had lower pricing even before this. Apple Arcade alone has always been about $1.3 per month in India, for example.

The higher hardware pricing is mainly because Apple doesn’t give up much on its margins and because the import tariffs are high. The latter should go away for some products that are being made locally there though.

I don’t know how it works in India but in many countries the price displayed includes VAT which it does not in the US. This can easily be a 20% difference.

subscription is a competitive business with less differentiation than hardware. It also scales well without increasing cost linearly so $5 for Indian customers makes sense

I’d use Apple Music if only there was an easy way to get my play stats. I’ve been using lastfm for over a decade, using it to build recommendations and track my changing tastes.

Arcade and News aren’t really reasons to buy for me. I’d probably use them if they were there, but I wouldn’t miss them and wouldn’t pay for them.

? It's not as obvious with the Music app but it's still there in the Music app on the Mac. Just go up to the View menu and pick View as Songs and all the columns that were in iTunes are there.

You can also still make Smart Playlists and with Smart Playlists you can slice and dice away to your hearts content. You need an app if you are iOS only: https://www.cultofmac.com/636256/miximum-apple-music-smart-p...

Speaking of apps, as others point out there are third party apps that can give you even more insights.

This iOS app analyzes your apple music library and gives you some stats: https://sndwave.app

It's interesting to see Apple moving more towards an "Amazon Prime" model. Subscription services make a lot of money, but it's annoying to manage a lot of them, so perhaps it makes sense to trend toward "one large bundle per tech company".

Anyone else find it odd that Apple News+ is locked to the most expensive bundle?

Reports are that Apple isn't happy with its performance, so I'd think Apple would want it in a lower tier bundle to entice people.

Maybe they’re hoping it’ll make it look more premium. Or they’re just including everything at that tier.

Apple usually keeps things simple, but in this case, I want iCloud, Fitness+ and Apple Music. I don’t care much about Arcade or Apple News+ or Apple TV+ (with its tiny catalog that’ll be free for a year with new devices anyway).

I'm top tier with iCloud storage and I sub to Apple music. It's $20 more with Premier that has everything since too am only really additionally interested in Fitness+

Since you can share all of the above with family sharing and I need a bit more that 200GB but not 2TB, I may split this with my family and I'll actually come out ahead.

It all depends on how you slice it. at first I thought the Premiere was nuts, but even without family sharing for $20 more a year its still cheaper than all three individually. And I end up with everything (which gets them momentum in the other services they need).

This is about as simple as you can get and still be a bundle. I do find it odd and maybe a bit frustrating that Fitness+ is in the top tier with News+ though because I'm not really sold on either one as being worth $10/ month for me, but both together is a bit tempting.

This is all I'm interested in as well. Kinda surprised Family and Premier plans aren't reversed, i.e. $20/mo for individual premier and $30 for adding family members. Seems like that would be simpler and a lot more appealing.

So you specifically don't want a bundle. Pretty sure you'll be able to get what you want, but not, you know, at bundle prices.

I'd really like to know if the iTunes Match subscription is bundled with this.

Isn't Apple Music a superset of iTunes Match? I believe Apple Music also includes the ability to match or upload 100,000 of your own songs.

I hope this is not the case, because it would mean that I'm currently being charged twice for the same service.

You are. I dropped match last year and nothing changed.

It's a little annoying they don't remind folks that if you have Apple Music, you really don't need match any more.

I explicitly asked Apple about this years ago and they said I needed to keep iTunes Match. Was my CSR mistaken? I assumed it was for my tracks that are not available on Apple Music.

I had been paying for iTunes Match since it was released, but when I started paying for Apple Music I canceled my Match subscription.

As an Apple Music user myself, I believe iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library functionality are included if one has Apple Music.

The ability to listen to some of the music I have that's not available on streaming services is one huge reason I chose Apple Music over Spotify.

iTunes Match gives you access to all of your music on all of your devices, even songs that you've imported from other sources such as CDs. If you have an Apple Music membership, you get all of the benefits of iTunes Match, plus access to the entire Apple Music catalog. May 21, 2020

Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204146

Apple Music has a match feature, but from what I understand the songs include DRM. iTunes Match is DRM-free.

Which if you are maintaining a subscription to Apple Music, the DRM thing really doesn't matter.

I still made a backup of everything before turning Match off :)

It does when music gets taken off the catalog, which happens pretty frequently in my experience.

Yes, but I have not had stuff that dropped off Apple music drop off my library that was previously matched.

Now whether I could, say, rip a CD, match it and it would stay forever like it did with Match - that is an interesting question.

This is THE reason I have stuck with iTunes Match and not bought into Apple Music. I have a hard time believing that Apple Music--as a product and team within Apple--cares about music I've ripped and uploaded, and will persist it properly over time.

In contrast, handling that job correctly is the entire purpose of iTunes Match. Even if it is essentially abandonware within Apple, as long as it keeps working I will use it.

This feels like a no-brainer for anyone who uses Apple Music (particularly the family deal). Apple TV+ has turned out to be pretty solid, getting TV+, additional cloud storage, and Arcade for $5 more seems simple.

Has anyone else noticed that Apple Music and Itunes Store searches don't work over Wireguard/PiHole?

I'm not sure if it's the setup, pihole, or that I'm coming from a cloud ip address.

No wireguard at our house, but there is pi-hole and we're working fine for those two apps across devices (ATV, phone, mac, etc). Pi-hole has Steve Black's list and a few others, nothing fancy. But without more details, I'd just be guessing.

Guess it’s either my exit node or something in the networking setup.

I have no problem using both self hosted pihole and wireguard

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