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yarapavan 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite

Article doesn't work. I disagree about the title though. I love USB-C. I can use the same charger for my phone and my laptop, without having to carry those bulky laptop chargers. Sure, there are some quirks involved, but overall I consider USB-C a big benefit.

It's a good way to reduce the number of cables and PSU's I have to carry around. It's true that it's complex but the only problem is people not reading the specs/manual when they buy something. Other than that I use the same USB Type-C cable for my external monitor, tablet, phone, work laptop, USB HDD's. I only carry 2 identical cables instead of god knows how many. If anything I'd like to see the day when all devices use the same port.

Edit reason:Typo

I nearly sent back a headlight I purchased for my bike. I put it on my desk and tried charging it with my MacBook Pro's cable, my iPad Pro's cable and a couple other USB-C cables I use to charge other gadgets.

The light wouldn't charge. No LEDs would light up, it was like I never connected it to power.

Eventually I tried another cable I had in a drawer and it worked. Then I found another one that works.

I have no explanation. From my point-of-view they are all USB-C cables. None of them have any indication of what's different between them. They all connect to the same plugs. They all look the same but behave completely differently.

I now know that I can't just carry 1 or 2 USB-C cables. I need to find out which ones work with which devices and keep track of that.

This link is broken, appears to be a dupe of https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24471004 although the title has changed.

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