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The 10x Advantage of Starting a Company (nfx.com)
13 points by chrisstpierre 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

If we're talking about tech, the incumbents did not become weak in this downturn, quite the opposite.

The incumbents are stronger than ever, it's the startups that are gasping for air. This article is quite the opposite of the reality.

As always, the context of market conditions is important. Sometimes startups have no advantage because the time isn’t right, and this pandemic isn’t the right time for many startups when so many people are flocking toward proven offerings for stability.

Despite its superficial earnestness, I read this article as unsupported and self-serving, and overall quite full of just-so stories about capitalizing on downturns.

> Apply to pitch an NFX Partner

Apply Now

Nice piece of “content marketing”!

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