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harambae 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite

>It's worth noting that Pennington had already been cautioned (and fined) by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police earlier in the trip but had continued to flout the law.

He fucked around and found out, I guess!

He was fined $900 the previous day and ordered by the police to stay in his hotel until continuing his trip to Alaska. They found him the next day at a sightseeing gondola. He claimed he was just out looking for food, when there was food available at his hotel. He deserves whatever he got.

Guess he should have read the news and realized there was a pandemic going on

I know entirely too many people who are fully darn aware there’s a pandemic going, complain about the pandemic, while still doing things they probably shouldn’t, if they wanted the pandemic to end.

Like driving cross country to visit people in four different states.

There are people out there who know. They just don’t care. Exactly like this guy.

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