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I’m using a 3$ VPS (hetzner) as a VPN server and access my local servers that way. You also get a regular VPN for free that way and setup is trivial if you use wireguard.

I use a $15/year vps for this. Acts as a bastion to all the servers I connect to.

Could you say where you got that? I haven't seen many servers in the "dirt cheap and really tiny" space.

I use ramnode.com. It’s one of the openvz servers they have

Digitalocean, Linode, hetzner, etc, etc.

Where did you get $15/yr VPS?

GCP also offers a "always free" micro-instance that's more than enough for the task at hand. https://cloud.google.com/free/docs/gcp-free-tier#always-free

It's free outside of the IPv4 address, right? Pretty sure they started charging for that, or perhaps it is still delayed due to COVID.

You can find many low priced (and low spec) VPS deals on https://lowendbox.com. Just keep in mind you generally get what you pay for.

You can get 2 VM from Oracle Cloud for free forever-ish.

I use ramnode.com for it. It’s under openvz

+1. Allows me to access my Jellyfin and file server from my laptop no matter where I am, all for a few bucks and a good learning experience with Wireguard.

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