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Use SaaSy and you don't have to think about any of this. Not so with any of the other recurring billing services though.

At 5.9%+$0.95 or 8.9% flat? Good luck with that. Unless you can explain to me why anyone would be willing to pay near double what anywhere charges... Seriously, your site doesn't explain this well. Why do you charge near double (or even triple on the flat rate)?

Needing to use your own merchant account means 3.5-4% in costs that you don't pay at all when you use SaaSy. SaaSy includes this cost in the pricing.

For those desiring a more complete explanation...

Regarding pricing, it's true there are less expensive-appearing services (though don't forget that without SaaSy handling everything for you you'd still have to pay 3.5-4% in e-commerce merchant fees for every order, once you factor in the true costs), but they end up costing you far more when you factor in software development costs and the years you will spend if you go it alone or use an existing basic service that appears to cost less. Remember, it's not just building what you think you need today, it's also adding on to it endlessly as your needs grow and change, and then there's the maintenance. That's just the tech development side, what about dealing with taxes, say in the EU if you have any EU customers, or a dozen other similar issues you'd otherwise be on your own to figure out and then develop a solution for? Take a look at this matrix to see what the cheaper, more basic solutions are missing that SaaSy provides for those launching or running existing SaaS businesses, and you'll see why SaaSy is actually quite a deal relative to the basic recurring billing services: http://saasy.com/matrix.php

In addition to saving you all the time, money, and hassle of building your own e-commerce system, the incremental profit you'll earn from utilizing our features for growing your average order size, lifetime value, and optimizing your conversion rate far outweigh the higher fees. Each feature you take advantage of can increase your revenue by a few percent, and it doesn't take too many increases of 2-4% here and there to add up to an overall profit improvement that far outweighs the few extra points that Saasy's all-in-one service costs. For example, cross-selling; upselling; add-ons; bundling; discounts & promotions; order pages in local currencies and languages; Facebook/Twitter referral management; a breadth of payment methods available for your customers; an order page customized to fit the rest of your site or designed to fit your preferences; the ability to test and tweak different order page structures and merchandising ideas; reseller management; analytics; outside help with PPC, SEO, affiliate, and general web marketing; fraud protection, and the list goes on. And then there's the impact our phenomenal customer service will have on your churn rate and the word-of-mouth sales it generates to have so many "wowed" end users out there talking up the customer experience of working with you. SaaSy also reduces your internal support expenses as they relate to order and payment customer support, since we handle that for you.

If you're up for spending up to a couple of years building and improving on an e-commerce infrastructure, SaaSy isn't for you. But if time to market is important and you'd rather focus on developing your product/service and doing sales and marketing instead of dealing with the distracting complexities of building your own e-commerce system either from scratch or by building all the needed functionality around one of the cheaper, more basic solutions, then you'll want to take a close look at SaaSy.

When you view our features list and the competitive matrix, think through the costs of developing your own infrastructure over the next few years vs. what your development team could instead be focusing on, factor in that you're not going to need to pay the 3.5-4% in e-commerce merchant fees for every order which you would be doing otherwise, consider not only the reduced expenses but the new revenue you'll now be able to generate, and you'll start to see why our rates are actually quite a deal, saving you money, helping you to significantly grow your revenue and to thrive relative to your competitors.

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