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TLDW – Search inside of videos from YC, VCs and established founders (usetldw.video)
90 points by javaughn12 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 34 comments

Javaughn here, I'm on the team that built TLDW. The most precious things for founders is usually time and knowledge/insights. Having to watch start-up videos often waste time, so why not skip to the part of the video that answers the questions you're trying to ask?

TLDW allows you to do that and so much more! Enjoy and upvote us if you like it.

Happy to answer any questions you have too!

Why doesn't your website respect the "back" button?

hi qppo, we built this site over the last few days for a hackathon, so haven't be able to make all the product edits we wanted to create a delightful experience

thanks so much for your comment and for checking our site

Hi. I did something similar back in 2016 - scripting/abusing the youtube api to skip inside the video.

https://tldws-16b54.web.app/#/discover A little side project that went nowhere.

Website's up, but I'm not sure api calls work anymore.

Anyway, I'm all for TLDWing videos. You are welcome to message me if you think I can contribute eyalfein@gmail.com

Thanks, Stratenjine! Also love the name YouTuLong

I think this is a great product you've built.

Suggestion: for each snippet / moment you show, show the thumbnail at that time.

Related: Google's Key Moments effort: https://blog.google/products/search/key-moments-video-search....

that's a good idea! we're definitely looking into how to do that

This is really cool! I'd love if I could search a phrase and have all video snippets coalesced together!

Good idea!

Great product, couldn't resist sharing on Twitter https://twitter.com/shacrw_/status/1305602760491053057

glad you liked it! thanks for the tweet

I think this is a great idea.

I wish you luck.

You probably have plans to promote. If not already, you should start building the email list for your self and launch on as many platform as you can, ex: product hunt, pitch ground, app sumo, there are so many :)

As a founder myself, i wish you all the success!

Thanks, Nurag. We'll get on those

If only you could run this on all of youtube..would save so much time

oh ya that would be amazing!

And also on Twitch VODs (recordings of past streams).

oh didn't think of that! thanks codetrotter

Yes! Finally. Feature request: user generated time-synced commenting Breaker, Genius.com-esque?

Really good, idea! We'll add it to our list for next products

This is awesome and will personally save me hours of time! Congrats Javaughn and team!

This is really great. Will YouTube let you monetize this in any way?

That's a good question, Casey!We're not sure, but will look into it

Awesome product! Looking forward to using it.

You can use it now, Sora! https://usetldw.video/home.html

If you have a set of videos you'd like us to add let us know!

Cool, which search engine are you using?

We'll using Elastic Search

this is amazing javaughn + co!

Glad you like it Joship!

Love it! Go #OnDeck Fam!

Awesome to see!


Thanks, Zoooey!


thanks, Smile!

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