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MNPP - A high performance web server in a one-click installer (getmnpp.org)
29 points by hmart on Apr 14, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Mac + Nginx + Percona + PHP love them all!

MAMP is from the past, agree. And nice site.

Install a world-class PHP development environment on your Mac. Unleash the speed of the webserver everybody is talking about, Nginx.

the Apache web server has lagged in terms of performance during the last few years. MNPP can handle much more requests per second than Apache with PHP implemented as a module.

Seriously, is there anyone deploying something that requires high simultaneous requests-per-second on OSX? One click install is great for the development environment, but none of these are one-click installs on a cheaply scalable, which means Linux on commodity hardware, production environment.

But the easier it's made to create a development that is like the production is going to be a big win. As a systems guy whose team is in charge of that kind of thing, the fewer hoops, and thus fewer workarounds, that are necessary to get a complex system with a lot of different parts up and running for the developers to develop against, the better.

MNPP is a desktop application for local execution, the closest thing to a production environment. MNPP is beginning and is on the way to make things easier for the developer.

Jyr is definitly working hard on getting this project up and running, its looking better every day! Congratulations!

Thanks, comming soon new features like create of vhost from the terminal

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