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There's a lot of good options and great providers, each having their pros and cons dependent on where you are in your lean startup "lifecycle".

About Simplified Ecommerce: We specialize in subscriptions and our goal is to support a merchant throughout their entire lifecycle; finding product- market fit before they have a merchant account (similar to clickbank or fastspring), affiliate marketing to accelerate their growth, transitioning to their 1st merchant account and switching or adding merchant accounts as they scale.

Throughout their lifecycle, adding or switching a merchant account is as simple as submitting new merchant account credentials. All their custom hosted payment pages, integrations, pricing plans, affiliate relationships, reporting...remains intact. All customer data is stored in our independent level 1 PCI compliant gateway vault and is fully portable.

Our primary market is the non developer. Although Recurly, Spreedly/ Spreedlycore, Chargify and others have great, robust API's, we offer simple copy & paste "Buy Now link" type integrations. Merchants can customize hosted payment pages, switch merchant accounts, add subscription plans and set up affiliate programs in minutes, with just a few clicks. We also provide the consumer interface so subscribers can cancel, up or down grade their subscriptions without any additional integration or programming by the merchant.

I'd love to hear your feedback and happy to answer any questions. We are planning to expand our private beta in the next couple months, contact me if you're interested- Colin at SimplifiedEcommerce.com

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