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GAlculator – Geometric Algebra Pocket Calculator (enkimute.github.io)
84 points by alex_hirner 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

The author of this is also behind the bivector community https://bivector.net/

Join the discord https://discord.gg/vGY6pPk.

Check out a demo https://observablehq.com/@enkimute/animated-orbits

Wow, this site is beautiful. Not something I often see around such topics. Actually, not something I often see in general.

I thought the item would be about this galculator:


Me too. This is my desktop calculator of choice.

Me too!

Couldn't figure out how to do the right paren when trying to follow the first example. Selecting the left paren just adds another left. I only see a left paren on the keypad and not a right.

Might be a randering error. Its directly below the left paren and directly to the right of the equals for me.

Ah, thanks. Turns out I had to expand the height of my browser. Odd that the page doesn't scroll (I'm guessing it's meant for mobile as a first class citizen, while desktop is second).

It's annoying that I can't use my keyboard and there doesn't appear to be a backspace? ...

Can't read most of the text because the calculator is on top of it.

Also, it's not a pocket calculator.

1/0 = Inf1e1n1e1ty find/replace all bug or intentional joke?

The vibration on keypress on mobile is annoying

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