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I use Stripe for Gumroad and it's amazing. Unfortunately, it's still private for now.

+1 for Stripe.

I've coded with both Authorize.net's and First Data's APIs, and Stripe is much, much better in comparison.

I'd give my left arm to get to use Stripe. I'm in the situation of the OP and I'm neither ready nor capable of dealing with PayPal and merchant accounts.

Same here. I'm gnawing at my face waiting on an opportunity to use Stripe.

You're crazy not to go with Stripe. The only thing that's better than the awesomeness of the guys that run it is the API.

Just said the same thing elsewhere but I'm very happy with Stripe and strongly recommend it.

Anyone else think this thread reads like a stripe bot love-fest?

We've migrated from authorize.net to stripe.com and we love it.

such an awesome domain name! (stripe.com)

can anyone get me an invite :-)

+1 for Stripe

Anyone can send me a invite?

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