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assuming you already have a merchant account and gateway (which takes like a day to get approved, assuming you don't have your social security card on hand)... you can get integrated with Recurly in two days of intense concentration.

but if you just want to start taking customers' cash ASAP, you can do that with a paypal hosted button in about 5 minutes.

WPP lets you accept credit cards w/ paypal - no paypal acct necessary - and there's tons of sample code out there that's basically copy and pasteable, and lots of code monkeys are familiar with the intricacies of paypal integration.

>> which takes like a day to get approved

Which bank did you use? My experience has been that if you're doing ANYTHING other than e-commerce, it's a long uphill struggle. I've tried Chase, B of A, and Wachovia.

citibank business account

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