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How much I made as a really good Engineer at Facebook (medium.com)
12 points by throwaway1525 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

These post can rub people the wrong way, but personally I love seeing these data points and would like to see more.

We often talk about engineers that were high performers in the right startup, the right place at the right time and got massive exits. But we don't hear a lot about it from established tech companies. There's very little data about the range of rewards we see for high performers at different companies and the difference can be very large.

I was a good performer at my old job and the most I ever got was a $5,000 bonus for exceptional performance and I though that was the norm. The rest of my story is very similar to the OP. I was looking at glassdoor and I though the recruiter had over leveled me. I joined FB making nearly 3x my old salary. My year 1-4 is almost identical to the OP. 4 years ago I didn't know this was possible for high performing engineering ICs.

Thank you for sharing!

Wow way to go. Its a different world inside a company like Facebook. I've only ever worked for small struggling businesses. 9 years in and yet to break 100k.

Congratulations on all your success - hope it makes you feel good. You also happen to be in the right place at the right time. This to make me feel good.

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