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I like some of your flame, and I like the style, but I will reiterate others' disagreement on some points. It's/its? wrong to pillory the JVM along with Java The Language. I hate scala and groovy, but they're/their designers cling to the JVM for very good reasons. Also, "C/C++/Python apps are 1000x more widespread than java apps" is kind of imprecise - why tack Python on the end there? That is like saying Apples and Oranges are more widespread than Bananas. I agree with the overall sentiment, but the parent got a little to firehosey with his rant. I really like the style, I have to say it again. Hacker News really needs more style. Would upvote again.

But we def. do not need yet another Java replacement and its/it's probably a bad sign if they didn't start with a compiler instead of a slide presentation.

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