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The article says it draws inspiration from younger languages, and mentions Python as an example. This is false, Python is four years older than Java.

I'm not a python programmer, but I still get the impression that python in younger in spirit than java :-)

That's true, at some point you grow up and use Java :3

Funny. I've worked at a place that grew up and moved from Java to Ruby, and I've worked at a place that grew up and moved from Java to Python. I've never worked at a place that moved from anything -to- Java, and I've been in the field since 1994.

So, you obviously never worked at Twitter, where they moved from Ruby to Java.

1. The only moved the search 2. A lot of code is in scala not java

1. I never said they moved the entire code base. What would be the point of moving the entire code base anyway? The reason why they moved search to Java is simply because Java scales better than Ruby when faced with heavy traffic.

2. AFAIK, only the message-queue backend is in Scala?

Just wanted to point it out for people who did not know that.

2. Not sure.

Troll successful :3

And younger than C, C++, Perl, Fortran, Cobol, ...

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