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Red Hat has put a lot of work into gcj, and was responsible for making Eclipse run on it. They've done a bunch of work on Iced Tea. They also have a bunch of Java applications they maintain/sell support for (JBoss is the big one).

If this is actually a company priority (and not a side project), it could be a Big Deal(TM).

No, not big deal..the big changer in enterprise was and still is Groovy as it sues the same exact syntax as java..while adding stuff java lacks..anything that suggests learning a while different syntax and language on top of it will be a hard sell to any enterprise.

Have you even ever used Groovy? It is not the exact same syntax at all. It is merely similar and there are plenty of ways of writing valid java which is not valid groovy. Not to mention groovy has all sorts of corner cases, terrible efficiency and is not statically type checked ... and I like it (for some things).

Discussion of Java here seem to attract the most fatuous comments (at least to my mind) which seem to be little more than echos of things that people have read somewhere. If you have an opinion on something but no in depth experience, at least have the decency to profer the opinion tentatively and with appropriate qualifications.

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