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Libertarianism and anarchism are quite different though, it is hard to see how anarchism works out in practice. Someone is going to have the most powerful fighting force, and when people disagree to the point of violence that group will become, effectively, the governing body.

The American civil war is a good case study. When a serious disagreement arises, really all that matters is who can sustain the most effective army. Anarchism can't work once professional armies get involved. I doubt it can work even if a neighbouring country has a professional army. Professional armies tend to win.

Military confederations are a thing and work historically. Anarchists have waged war against conventional armies and fought very well multiple times in history. It just doesn't really check out all that well as an argument in practice.

Interesting. Can you please name one or two examples for me to look up as I'm not personally aware of any large scale anarchist movemements with decisive military victories.

2 recent examples, and 2 old ones :

Recently Syrian Kurds (YPG) are more or less anarchists and had decisive military victories, mainly but not only against ISIS...

Zapatista Army of National Liberation is close to anarchism too... The conflict never was an all-out-war, so I would not called anything decisive military victories though...

During the Spanish civil war, anarchist had been instrumental against the nationalist forces, especially at the beginning of the war.

And in post WW1's Ukraine, the Makhnovshchyna had played an important historical role

He cited a whole book! :)

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