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Heuristics to Generate Startup Ideas (2019) (avichal.com)
82 points by docuru on Sept 3, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Just write every idea down. You'll get better at having ideas too.

http://github.com/samsquire/ideas http://github.com/samsquire/ideas2

I've done this before and just ended up with lots of junk. And being too distracted with writing ideas rather than working deeper into an existing idea.

I've seen many enthusias folks keep a notebook for ideas. I do too.

Most of the ideas I'll never see again. It's just nice though

#14: "Understand how teens communicate — Figure out where teenagers are spending their time to see what the communication products of the next decade may be. Teens are unencumbered and very creative, so seek to understand the motivations instead of judge."

This sounds like a nightmare.

This is pretty accurate and a technique I used, but I've never thought about doing this on purpose. One of the reasons I try to make friends with younger people is because they have a better view of where things are going, rather than people in their 30s. It's not just communication; things like tech trends among college students are far more accurate.

_Teens are unencumbered and very creative_

My thought, on the other hand, it's is how the world will bend, rather creative.

But true it is somehow have an impact

It is, but could be a lucrative one.

This is a great list. I like the framework style thinking as it fits with who I see the world.

This is awesome. I love how it provides structure for thinking up startup ideas.

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