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The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train, this guy saw it in 1971


The problem is not only worse than you imagine it is worse than you can imagine.

Immense damage is done to the framework of reality itself by the mere act of saying that the cud the president regurgitated at 4am last night is news but that 1000 important things that happened to your community were not.

It is inevitable that news introduces "harmless" errors such as the airplane hijacker identified as "Dan Cooper" is misidentified as "D. B. Cooper" by reporters, then the F.B.I. puts "D. B. Cooper" as the name on the file because they think it sounds badass.

The most difficult problem is that the media tends to cast discussions into "two sides" that somehow need to be dealt with "equally". Frequently one side or both sides are disingenuous on one level or another, and participation in a bogus discussion is one of the best ways to "run out the clock" and keep other issues off the agenda.

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