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Location: Los Angeles, California, US

Remote: Yes, please

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Frontend in general: Javascript, React, React Native, EmberJS, CSS, SASS; and some basic Node, serverless, Firebase, FaunaDB.

I am a product-minded, mid-level, frontend developer.

I have a good eye and a detail-oriented personality for UX and design, and I am familiar with marketing tools -- I have a professional background as Growth Marketer before becoming a software developer.

I have designed, built, and deployed complete applications. The most recent one is https://www.quidsentio.com

I am building it solo, from concept, to design, to development (React on serverless architecture with FaunaDB).

Other links that can showcase some of my professional skills:

My newsletter with writing advice for developers: https://writingfordevelopers.substack.com

My personal blog about my career transition from marketing to software development: https://rodrigohgpontes.github.io

Email: rodrigohgpontes (using gmail)

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