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Thailand Hacker House
3 points by thailandstartup 2143 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite
I wanted to gauge interest in starting a Hacker House in Thailand. A Hacker House is a co-working and/or co-habiting space for hackers.

I've been living in Thailand for a year now and its an ideal location for development. The cost of living is low, or a relatively high standard of living is available at a low cost. Peaceful locations are abundant and western comforts are not far away.

There aren't a lot of startup or tech-oriented people around though so an integral part of the idea is to create a small community of smart and creative people.

If it sounds like it might be interesting to you, you can post comments here, or contact me at my gmail address (thailandstartup) - if there's enough interest I'll start fleshing out a more concrete idea and putting a plan together.

Sounds cool!

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