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Speculation: If iTunes plays the role of the Fairplay DRM decoder and relied on the channel between iTunes and the Airplay device being encrypted to secure content would it now be possible to use the private key to masquerade as a capable Airplay device and dump a the stream pure and DRM free? Would this work for video enabled Airplay devices?

If so, Apple and this hacker are about to be lawyered hard by the MPAA.

AFAIK, very little iTunes music is DRMed these days anyway.

It doesn't. The Airplay device receives ALAC (Apple lossless audio) data, so this doesn't get you anything that wasn't already easily available by other means.

Yes, provided you were the MitM, you could capture every song streamed. However, Apple is far more likely to be worried about someone writing an AirPlay emulator that keeps perfect copies on it's local hard drive. They probably built encryption in just to satisfy any possible media company objections about the copying of streamed media.

Airport Express only streams audio out (no movies/tv/video), so it would be the RIAA, not the MPAA.

Apple TVs work similarly now for video streamed from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices since iOS 4.2. Might they use the same private key?


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