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Links for Highly Ambitious People
3 points by profvyas on Aug 29, 2020 | hide | past | favorite
When I was in college I used to spend a lot of time scrolling social media. I wish it was put to better use. Also, I am constantly amazed how ignorant I was to all the amazing opportunities on offer for students. So I am putting together a list of links worth spending time on


Pioneer grant - https://pioneer.app/

Emergent Ventures - https://www.mercatus.org/emergent-ventures

Thiel Fellowship - https://thielfellowship.org/

Cards against humanity STEM scholarship for a woman - https://www.scienceambassadorscholarship.org/

Helium grant ($1K) - https://www.heliumgrant.org/

Y Combinator startup incubator - https://www.ycombinator.com/

Einstein Fellowship - https://www.einsteinforum.de/about/fellowship/?lang=en

1517fund - https://www.1517fund.com/


Wolfram Summer School - https://education.wolfram.com/summer/school/

SPARC - https://sparc-camp.org/

Google Summer of Code - https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/

Find hackathons on devpost - https://devpost.com/

The Recurse Center - https://www.recurse.com/

A-Z resources for students - https://github.com/dipakkr/A-to-Z-Resources-for-Students

List of interesting labs - https://logancollinsblog.com/2018/11/03/interesting-lab-websites/


Slate Star Codex - https://slatestarcodex.com/tag/links-2/

Gwern - https://www.gwern.net/tags/newsletter

Alexey Guzey - https://guzey.com/links/

Github Awesome startup resources - https://github.com/ahmadnassri/awesome-startup-resources

Github meta Awesome - https://github.com/sindresorhus/awesome


Hell yeah or no - https://sive.rs/hellyeah

How to do what you love - http://www.paulgraham.com/love.html

How to maximize serendipity - https://www.perell.com/blog/serendipity

Patrick Collison's advice for young ones - https://patrickcollison.com/advice

“the standard pace is for chumps”

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