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10 Incredibly Awesome Documents to Help You Start a Company (jasonnazar.com)
93 points by nickb on July 11, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I don't think these samples are incredibly awesome for starting a company. I'm not a lawyer, but I have helped a lot of startups with incorporation documents. My first bit of advice is to be skeptical of documents posted on-line, unless they are from a very trusted source. An LLC is an impractical choice if you hope to get funding. We've had several startups come to YC as LLCs and it has been costly and distracting for them to change their company to a Delaware C-Corp (most common for startups). Be sure your legal paperwork has proper IP language-- you want to be 100% certain that your company owns all the IP. Also, if there is more than one founder, have vesting.

Jessica, what happened to YC's plan to open-source some of the legal paperwork?

It's coming. We're just waiting for some startups to test it out on investors.


However drafting up a set for presentation to a laywer for checking and advice can be good (provided you have the right lawyer).

The trade off is that you are presenting a solution not a problem. That is fine if you know what you want and how it should be achieved (which sometimes you do). It's like presenting a programmer with a version 1 instead of a spec.

As the comments on the post say, be careful with the legalities. In the US, there are state-specific variations, and internationally, the laws can be very different.

Some of the documents though are useful all over the world, so the collection is definitely awesome!

... Not so great.

i think the financial docs are pretty helpful - i was looking for some templates recently and these look decent.

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