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Asciimatics – create full-screen text UIs on any platform (github.com/peterbrittain)
130 points by gilad 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

Asciimatics is awesome! I was able to create this terminal-based presentation tool (with colors and effects) using it: https://github.com/vinayak-mehta/present

That looks really fun!

Yes it was fun making it thanks to all the asciimatics effects! I was also able to extend an internal asciimatics class to add a feature for pre-recorded code demos, which lets you _play_ code on a slide, like someone is typing it :D

How does this compare to Urwid¹, which also does this?

1. http://urwid.org/

As an app dev newb, I was searching recently for something vaguely TUI toolkit-ish, with standard pluggable elements. I know of ncurses, but it's quite low-level. I was surprised to find virtually nothing (though my search-fu may have been weak).

What resources --- libraries, documentation, books --- for TUI development would folks recommend?

There is tcell and tview for golang.


I'm loving all these TUI libraries being posted here lately.

What else recently, if you don't mind?


Here's one, with a few more in comments. There were a bunch more posted over the past ~72 hrs that I can't seem to find now


For emoji-capable terminals, games & simulations like that of (other-front-page-story) https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24317034 seem promising with this!

Need a game demo like solitaire.

I tried to do this with nurses and nodejs many years ago, but the library did allow it to output to a telnet session, so I gave up.


I'm having ncurses flashbacks hardcore right about now. Great work :)

Are there any non-Python TUIs?

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