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These are good points. Let me answer them.

1. The 0MQ devs originally got asserts backwards, using them to validate external input (e.g. on sockets) instead of internal consistency. We've been fixing this for a year or two now, and it's pretty good. You'll get assertion failures if you e.g. use sockets from multiple threads. Not so much if you pass bad stuff onto sockets.

2. 2.1 was a great step forwards, and the use of "sleep" was in toy examples. Real networking apps tend to run forever, so this message loss at exit wasn't a big deal. You're right that the product is still young.

3. Totally agreed, this lack of peer presence detection is annoying, and the source of some debate on the lists.

4. Threading model works fine for me, I've used it extensively. A usable reactor is a hundred lines of code, no more. See the libzapi zloop reactor, in C, for example.

5. Demultiplexing sounds like useful functionality but should probable sit above sockets.

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