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I understand why everyone's instant reaction might be "good," but if you are in the business of making an app, you will eventually need to get users for your app. Advertising is how that happens. That's because app store discovery was nerfed years ago, to make store search ads a revenue source. This Apple IDFA change will likely force you to redirect your ad spend from the Facebook Audience Network to Apple search ads.

Advertising existed before detailed tracking, and can exist perfectly well without it.

Perhaps it will be a little less effective, but we do not need to optimise our society to increasing the effectiveness of advertising.

Conflating contextual and targeted advertising isn't even the worse intellectually dishonest offenses of the social media apologists.

Would you not call Apple Search Ads targeted? This looks similar to Facebook's ad targeting system: https://searchads.apple.com/advanced/

No, Search Ads is keywords targeting, not "we build a whole profile of you and then use that". It has its own issues, but they're not the ones you have with Facebook's solution.

Haha no.

Except you don't get people buying fake ovens offline. There isn't a great analogy I can think of but there is a huge amount of ad fraud where it's profitable to fake an install, fake app use to generate more fake ad revenue ad fake installs, etc. So long as it's profitable for someone to fake installs and fake user traffic there will be a need for better value conversion tracking

yeh don't fk individual privacy for ads, and let a sht company like FB make billions of profit

> but if you are in the business of making an app

that's your mistake, right there.

So you don't use a smartphone? With apps? That people make?

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