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I have. And honestly if I was in build a product and get something released because I'm building a business mode, I'd be using it I think. It's a pretty good fit for what I was looking for when I started.

Right now thougt I'm thinking learning experience with zeromq, and also I'm seeing how I can build something that can be used to scale an http application beyond a single datacenter/cloud and more. I actually find that pretty exciting and since I have young children and a good paying job, I'm still treating the product I'm working on as a hobby rather than a business.

Yes, definitely do this. Don't let people try to convince you that you shouldn't reinvent the wheel. Typically they just have some wheel they've reinvented that they want you to use. Instead, you should implement as many things as you can to learn how they work, and then use this knowledge to select tools and avoid bullshit and marketing choices.

And who knows, maybe you'll do something better. That's progress.

Also check out gevent and eventlet to see the differences with those systems as well. I just submitted a patch to eventlet to give it better zeromq support.

And that's coming from the guy who wrote the mongrel2 wheel :)

Actually now you have me reconsidering even using tornado as the http server. I got more to research and think about

+1. I learn the most from reinventing wheels. And I reinvent them on purpose.

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